Going with the Flow: Present Gain, Future Gain

The experiences of flow lead to elevated levels of happiness by transforming the formula of:

“No Pain, No Gain” to –>

“Present Gain, Future Gain”

According to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, flow is a state in which one is immersed in an experience that is rewarding in and of itself…a state in which we feel we are one with the experience…in which action and awareness are merged.

When in a state of flow, we experience pleasure + perform at our prime…and when performing at our best (filled with zest):

* We Learn * We Grow * We Improve * We Advance Toward a Future Purpose…a clear destination in mind liberates us to enjoy the journey 😉

Research on flow unveils that pain is not the optimal condition for peak performance.

Instead, there’s a specific zone: the line between overexertion and underexertion, where we not only perform at our best, but also enjoy what we are doing.

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