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I instantly connected to this piece by author Keri Smith. I feel by losing yourself in the present moment, your childhood ‘sense of play’ surfaces and infuses your everyday life. This is your unique gift, and key to truly living.



Darren Eger

I’ve been a bit of a fan of author Keri Smith, for sometime. She writes a great deal for creatives and and educators and encapsulates a lot of positive psychology concepts and mindfulness without using any psycho babble. On top of that, she wraps it up really well and presents it beautifully. Check her out.

This piece of hers is a wonderful little pin prick alerting us to pay attention to ‘now’. Many of you will be used to me ‘banging’ on about balancing your reflections on the past and future with living in the moment. Keri helps this idea with a ripper little checklist.


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